Gear Review – Thalia Capo

These capos by Thalia Capos are impressive! For a Flamenco guitarist, key changes are a must. I placed the order online and it arrived in about two days from Oregon. The packaging was really nice and orderly. These capos have fretpad inserts which are designed specifically for different arched fretboards. From a flat-radius classical/Flamenco fretboard... Continue Reading →

I have an upcoming show to perform in Los Alamitos, CA in the middle of August. Exact date/time is yet to be determined. Currently rehearsing bulerias, Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho / Entre Dos Aguas (Al di Meola and Paco de Lucía), and Inspiracíon/Ritmo de la Noche (The Gypsy Kings). Lots of work ahead!

Flamenco is a Doing Word

Flamenco is one of those things that can't be done by just thinking it.  Flamenco requires you to physically do it. You need to get that feeling of tangling your fingers in a rasgueado. But when you hit that double-triplet just right with perfect timing, it feels like magic! Now you're in the pursuit of... Continue Reading →


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Here you'll find how to play rhythms, compás, and tips that I have observed. I’ll also post music and videos that can help expand skills.

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