Construction Under Way: Boaz Flamenco Guitar

img_1306-1I’ve contacted renowned guitar luthier Boaz Elkayam to create for me a masterpiece concert Flamenco guitar.  He painstakingly crafts these instruments with incredible detail to sound and craftsmanship.  He is known in the Flamenco community to have made guitars for Flamenco maestros Jose Tanaka and Adam del Monte, to name a couple.

I’ve personally played two of Boaz’s Flamenco guitars from Jose Tanaka’s collection and I was immediately blown away from the powerful sound that come out of these guitars. They are also very fast on the fretboard. I have never seen any guitar like it.

Well, it’s going to be a long wait until it is completed (months) so it gives me time to practice and reward myself with the time and effort I put into mastering the art of Flamenco.


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  1. Wow,.let me know how you like it. Maybe even throw up a you tube vid of you playing. Boaz has always been my dream guitar builder.

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