Private Gigs!

Had the opportunity to perform for a private party in La Mirada, CA with my flamenco sisters.  Sevillanas, Tangos, and some Bulerias.  Not my first time performing, but first time as the solo musician. One of the members of the audience made an illustration of us as we performed. How cool! What a blast!  More... Continue Reading →

Live Performance! – 2019 Feria de Abril

Once again!! I'll be performing Sunday, April 28th at the Feria de Abril in Los Alamitos, CA with my Flamenco brothers and sisters of the Tanaka Flamenco Dojo! This is an all-day festival honoring the Andalusian fair held at the same time in Seville, Spain. Throughout the day, many dance companies from across Southern California will... Continue Reading →

Performances @ Charity Events

A little late in posting this but I've had the great opportunity to perform in 2018 with my Flamenco brothers and sisters under the direction the great Jose Tanaka.  It's great learning experience as we move toward creating a troupe and continuing the legacy of this beautiful art form: Flamenco.  Ole!

Cante (singing) Classes

Lately, I've been taking cante classes (Flamenco singing) classes by the great José Cortés Fernández.  It's very rare to have an opportunity to have a professional cante singer teach you some basics and have you perform for him.  I don't plan on being a Flamenco singer but it's a great way to better understand the... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Strings revisited

It's been a long road trying out strings.  I'm settled with a combo set. La Bella Flamenco - Hard Tension - Bass set La Bella Classical - Medium Hard Tension - Treble set 2001 La Bella Flamenco (Hard bass) - Classical (Medium Hard trebles) Note Inches lbs E 0.0290 15.40 B 0.0335 11.88 G 0.0410... Continue Reading →

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