Final Verdict – Strings

I’ve pretty much tried them all. Savarez, Belle, Hannabach, D’Addario, RC Strings, Pepe Romero, and on.  For my setup (Felipe Conde FP 14N Negra and Paco de Lucia Studio Blanca), the best sounding strings are Savarez’s Tomatito T50R NT Flamenco strings. They are normal tension, mixed set strings. Very unique arrangement that gives excellent bass qualities, clear E and B strings, and a sharp/punchy G string.

savarez-tomatito-cuerdas-flamencas-1200x1200When I refer to “mixed-set”, I am talking about string materials. Savarez must have gone out of their way to mix and match materials/tensions from their other product lines to create this Tomatito line of strings.

The 1st and 2nd strings (E1 and B2) are the New Cristal Clear Nylon. The 3rd String (G3) is an Alliance Carbon KF strings, and the basses are silverplated copper-wound on a multifilament core.

The strings keep their sound for a long time. I play every day and I change them about once a month. Plus, they don’t require much time to get settled in when you install new ones on your guitar.

The price is reasonable, too. You can pick up a set for under $15.00 at Strings By Mail.

This combination of multi-sets is excellent. I have yet to hear or feel anything play better.

Well played, Savarez.


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