Gear Review – Thalia Capo

These capos by Thalia Capos are impressive! For a Flamenco guitarist, key changes are a must.


I placed the order online and it arrived in about two days from Oregon. The packaging

was really nice and orderly.

These capos have fretpad inserts which are designed specifically for different arched fretboards. From a flat-radius classical/Flamenco fretboard to a 13″ radius Fender and others. This is unique because the capo clamps down the strings uniformly.

The capo comes with a complete set of rubber fretpad inserts. As an extra item, I ordered the Teflon fretpads (instead of rubber) because as a Flamenco player, the strings are under constant, high-stress movement from rasgueados and alzapuas.


The good stuff:  After I tuned up the guitar, I slapped that capo on and gave it a full strum. It was still in tune!! I was so impressed on how well it keeps all the strings in tune to each other right from the start, from any capo’d fret.

And it looks real good, too. I ordered it with Madagascar ebony inlay and black chrome shell.

¡Óle for Thalia Capos!


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